A Little Bit About Reiki and Aromatherapy

What is Reiki?

Rei = Spiritual Wisdom     &     Ki = Life Energy

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Mikao Usui or Usui Sensei as his students would call him,  was given Reiki energy during a mystical experience he had on his 21st day of fasting. From that experience he created Usui Reiki Ryoho, his own style of Reiki energy. He taught others and proceeded to use Reiki all over his homeland.

Reiki is given through touch. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands into the client, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. It can also be given by hovering ones hands over the clients body with the same healing energy being transmitted.

What is Aromatherapy?

The term aromatherapy means using essential oils from plants for improving or maintaining one's health and beauty. Historically it started with the use of whole plants for medicinal purposes and using essential oils came later.

Essential oils can be used in your bath, as a foot bath, through steam inhalation, with compresses, in saunas, with a diffuser, with poultices, as scalp and hair treatments, and in skin care products.  

Aroma - massage is the most popular way of delivering essential oils into your system via your skin.  It is a relaxing and beneficial treatment that stimulates and drains lymph in your body.  The skin is also one of the most popular ways to get those essential oils working for you! 

Essential oils can be blended to help with physical ailments, for emotional issues and to lift ones spirits! 

I like to use both Reiki and Aromatherapy together as these forms of healing compliment each other.  I also blend custom aromatherapy products for each person based on her own personal history.

Reiki and Aromatherapy Sessions Just For You

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Reiki Treatment Sessions

30 Minute Session     $35  (Trial Session)

45 Minute Session     $60

60 Minute Session     $75

90 Minute Session     $90

Distance Reiki              $45


3 - 60 Minute Sessions     $200

3 - 90 Minute Sessions     $245

5 - 60 Minute Sessions     $375

Grand Opening Special! 20% off all sessions 

Aura Cleansing and Healing Attunement Sessions

Aura Cleansing                 $100

Healing Attunement     $100

Reiki Classes

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level I                    $200

Non - Refundable Deposit                          $50

In Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I you will spend the morning learning about Dr. Usui and the history of Reiki.  You will also spend some time in meditation.  You will receive your attunement for 1st degree Reiki and become familiar with giving self and others reiki with plenty of hands - on experience giving Reiki to your fellow students.

This is a 1 day - 8 hour course

*Manual and Certificate Included*

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level II                    $250

Non - Refundable Deposit                            $50

In Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level II there will be a review of Level 1.  An explanation of the difference between Level I and Level II as well as gaining a thorough understanding of everything involved with Level II.  In the afternoon you will be given your attunement which will enable you to use the knowledge you have gained during the morning and you will have ample time to practice your newly found knowledge by practicing reiki on your fellow students.

This is a 1 day - 8 hour course

*Manual and Certificate Included*

You must wait 6 months between taking your Level I and II courses and taking either ART or the combined course- ART/Reiki Master Training.

Usui/ Holy Fire Advanced Reiki Training (ART)    Investment:                                                        $275

Non - Refundable Deposit                            $75

This is a 1 day - 8 hour course

*Manual and Certificate Included*

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Training

Investment:                                                        $495

Non - Refundable Deposit                         $150

This is a 2 day course.

*Manual and Certificate Included*

Usui/Holy Fire ART & Reiki Master Training

(This is a 3 day course)

Investment:                                                        $695

Non - Refundable Deposit                         $200

This course combines Advanced Reiki Training (ART - formerly Reiki III) and Reiki Master Training in a 3 day course.

*Manual and Certificate Included*       



Aromatherapy Services


Full body Aroma Massage $60

1 hour

Facial Massage

Aroma Facial Massage $30

30 minutes

Initial Consultation 30 minutes 

Consult Fee:     $30

*does not include price of essential oil products

Skype Consultation for 15  minutes

Consult Fee: $20

Follow up Appointment 15 minutes.

Follow-up Fee:     $15

*does not include price of essential oil products

Skype Follow - up Appt 15 minutes

Skype Follow - up Fee: $15

Custom Made Essential Oil Blends for treatment:

Individually priced based on size of bottle, types of carrier and essential oils used, plus any shipping and handling charges if you are a skype customer.

Space Rental available for seeing clients or small seminars- see the next page!


Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit prior to signing up for a Reiki course?

A: Paying a deposit shows that you are serious about learning Reiki.  It also holds a spot for you in the course as space is limited to a maximum of 6 students per course.  The deposit helps to recover some of the cost incurred for the learning materials assocated with your course should you decide not to show on the day you are registered for.

*Please note* If an emergency situation prevents you from showing up please give as much notice as possible and you will be able to register for the next date of the course.

Q: Why do I have to wait 6 months before I sign up for advanced Reiki Training/Reiki Master Training?

A: Reiki changes the way you live. Not only does this 6-month period provide you with enough time to practice and become comfortable giving Reiki to others/your clients, it also allows enough time for you to adjust to any "baggage" that may have been brought forward and is being released, or allow you time to adjust to any life changes that may happen as a result to your new daily practices.   Part of learning Reiki is giving yourself Reiki. Reiki will provide the same benefits on you that it has your clients. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About What to Expect From a Reiki Session or an Aromatherapy Session

1. What does it feel like to receive Reiki?

A:  Most clients feel a deep sense of relaxation during a Reiki Session.  Some say that they feel a heat coming from the hands of the reiki practitioner and some will say that they can feel the energy inside them.  Others will tell you they did not feel anything at first.  Each session is unique to the individual who is experiencing it. Whether you feel reiki or do not feel reiki you will still receive the benefits of it's healing.

2. Is Reiki safe?

A Reiki energy can do no harm.  It is completely safe.  

3.  How long does a Reiki session last?

A: Most Reiki sessions are sixty minutes long.  Both thirty-minute and ninety-minute sessions are also available. Sixty-minute long sessions seem to provide enough time for the client to thoroughly experience Reiki energy and relaxation.

4.  Do I have to stop seeing my medical doctor to receive Reiki?

A:  No. It is important that you continue to see your medical doctor.  Reiki works in conjunction with  allopathic medicine and any other holistic therapies you may be using for the benefit of your health. It is important for you to continue any medications and therapies you have been prescribed.  Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose you.

5.  How often do I need a Reiki treatment?

A:  Because Reiki is very safe and gentle it can be given daily, or as required for any condition.  More chronic conditions may benefit from daily reiki.  Some clients like to have their reiki treatments weekly as part of their self-care regimen while others come every other week.  The frequency of reiki treatments can be changed as required and to adapt to your life events.

6.  Am I required to undress for a Reiki session?

A:  No.  You will remain fully clothed for your reiki session.  You also have the choice of whether you would like a hands on or hands-off session.  A hands-off session is when the practitioner will hover over the various areas of your body for treatment.

7.  What does an Aromatherapy session consist of?

The first session of an aromatherapy session will take 30 to 45 minutes.  A full client interview will be conducted in order to determine what aromatherapy products would most benefit your health.  A follow up session will be booked 48 to 72 hours after your initial appointment to present to you your custom - made aromatherapy product and plan for use.

8.  Do I remove all my clothes for an aroma-massage?

You will remove all of your clothes with the exception of your underwear for an aroma - massage.  You will be covered by both a sheet and a blanket while on the massage table.  The massage will start with your back uncovered. Once the back massage has been completed, your back will be covered up and then your legs will be uncovered for the leg massage portion.  When you are laying on your back, at no time will your breasts or genital areas be exposed. For women, the upper chest and the abdomen is massaged but the breasts will remain covered.

There is no inappropriate touching during an aroma - massage.

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