Tammy Cadue, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

Usui Holy Fire Reiki,  CRA Reg. No. 16-170, & Aromatherapist

Intuitive, empathic, and service oriented are a few words that have been used to describe me by clients. Delivering the best client care with integrity and compassion and providing you with aromatherapy products that are 100% pure are my top priorities.

My Story

I had fallen into a deep depression  and I found that I did not want to leave my house without being accompanied by my husband.  My family physician adjusted my medications and my therapist helped me greatly by seeing me twice per week.  It took every effort for me to go to my weekly doctor and therapy appointments.  It was hard for me to want to be around anyone and I spent a great deal of time on my couch.

I had been talking with my friend, Nancy Mousseau, Reiki Master, and explained to her what I was going through and I asked her if we could start Reiki sessions to see if that would help.  I started seeing Nancy on a regular basis and after a couple of sessions I felt a shift within myself starting to happen. 

 During my sessions with Nancy, I started to notice that I felt a sense of relief and a sense of calm and stillness that I was not feeling outside of my sessions. This sense of relief continued with every Reiki session and soon  started happening outside of my Reiki sessions.  We would schedule my sessions to take place after my therapy sessions.

 Between Nancy's Reiki treatments, my aromatherapy products, and my family doctor and my therapist's care, the journey of recovery was well on it's way and I started to feel better after about 4 months and was in remission by 6 months from the initial downward spiral.

It was at this point that I decided that  I wanted to learn Reiki and Aromatherapy and be able to give to others what I, myself had experienced to help others on their own healing journeys.

What clients are saying

I first knew Tammy Cadue as a medical administrator. Caring, engaged and supportive are three words that first came to mind upon meeting her. When I later heard that she pursued her passion for wellness and energy healing in the form of Reiki I was one of the first to sign on when she announced the need for volunteers to fulfill her course work practicum. I was going through a particularly stressful and transitional time in my life and the offering came when I needed it most.

I was not new to the practice of Reiki as I too had both studied and experienced it with other practitioners. But what makes Tammy unique is that I feel she is truly an empath and responds sensitively to what the etheric body is expressing. I would arrive at an appointment feeling almost rigid and foggy headed with all that was transpiring in my life and after a session, I felt light, clear headed, and peaceful. That one hour session was the difference that made my hectic life manageable and gave me a deeper appreciation and understanding that like all cycles in life, what was happening at that time, would run its course. I have only the highest respect for Tammy and what she offers as a practitioner and her style of Reiki complements any wellness program.

Stacey Bernstein, Toronto, Ontario

As a fellow Reiki Practitioner, I love Reiki Exchanges. Tammy's Reiki sessions allow one to sink into such a relaxation mode and just allow the energy to envelope your body. This offers the body the opportunity to heal at whatever level it needs to, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual .

Thank you Tammy for your comforting Reiki energy ♡ I look forward to my next Reiki session.

Namaste ♡

Nancy Mousseau, Pickering, Ontario

What our customers are saying

Thanks Tammy for your incredible aromatherapy concoction you made for me. It is perfect, very uplifting when I am feeling down. Everyone should get their individual aromatherapy made. Worth it for sure.

Julie Steele, London, Ontario

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